May 10, 22Event
Judy Geib Plus Alpha Trunk Show “Stardust Constellation”

We are pleased to announce our annual trunk show by New York jewelry brand, Judy Geib Plus Alpha, starting May 20th at A&S Aoyama.

Geib focuses most on her free handmade expressions. She combines different techniques intricating her high skills as a jeweler. She explains the concept of her work which is "commercial but still handmade. It’s not gallery jewelry". She wishes for many people to have access to her jewelry and the pieces to be worn in every day scenes. <Stardust constellation> is a selection of one-of-a-kind new pieces exclusively shown in Japan at Arts & Science. We invite you to see this array of new jewelry at this special occasion.

Stardust Constellation
“Ancient civilizations built their entire worlds around trying to understand the mysteries of the universe. For me, living in a city where I can only rarely see the stars, there is still an allure to finding where is my place, even if it is just calling to mind the idea of infinity every now and then. So, using materials from outer space (everything is from outer space!) and evoking the sparkle of the night sky, I’m searching too.”
― Judy Geib

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May 29th, 2022 (Sun.) 19:00

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Judy Geib Plus Alpha Trunk Show “Stardust Constellation”
May 20th (Fri.) – 30th (Mon.) 2022/11:00〜19:00
*Tuesday is a weekly holiday
Originally from Pennsylvania U.S.A., Judy Geib grew up inspired from her father who was engaged in art, and her high school years she spent living in Brazil. Geib’s art background is influenced from her time spent in the local culture and encounters with stones in Brazil. After finishing her graduate degree in Pennsylvania, Geib moved to New York to study art. Through diverse creative experiences, including architecture, graphic design and calligraphy Geib became interested in the art of jewelry. In 2002, she launched her collection of 12 pieces at Barney’s New York. She pursues her creative process while visiting Brazil and Columbia to buy stones.
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Photos by Dirk Vandenberk
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