Jul 4, 17Information
LITMUS | Indigo Dyeing Special Order Event

It is our privilege to announce that we will host the semi-order event by Indigo Studio 〈LITMUS〉at AT THE CORNER. We will offer an indigo dye special order for numerous items, and in addition, you will have a chance to experience the “Aizome”, the trans indigo dyeing of LITMUS.

1. Order for carrying in item *Three days of 7/15, 16, 17

Exclusively ARTS&SCIENCE item, you will have an opportunity to have your natural fiber clothing to be indigo dyed (for white, ecru color).Mr. Kazuo Yoshikawa from LITMUS will be available to consult you with your favorite indigo color.


The popular MOON CALENDAR will be available. Three colors of sky, pale-blue green, and indigo which cannot be ordered regularly, are available for the order, and beside that you can order a frame exclusively for the calendar.

3. Buy order service

For this event, we have prepared an ARTS&SCIENCE original tote bag, pouch, handkerchief, and work coat in white color, and you will be able to order and arrange them out of three color option, sky, pale-blue green, and indigo.

LITMUS/ Indigo dyeing studio was established by Yuji Matsui and Kazuo Yoshikawa who was fascinated by the indigo dyed smock frock which they found in the antique market. LITMUS is known for its “Ash liquid fermentation” which is a Japanese ancient dyeing method which you add a lye from charcoal, Japanese sake, and wheat into a “Sukumo” dye produced from indigo leaves, which you ferment it by dyeing liquid. They stay royal to these method, but they do not forget to introduce their own Japanese indigo color being freed from the constraints of typical materials and methods.
2017.7.15 (Sat) – 2017.7.23 (Sun) / 12:00 – 20:00
Mr. Yoshikawa from LITMUS will be at the store 7.15 (Sat), 16 (Sun), 17 (Mon) *holiday