Aug 5, 21Event
Made to Order Furniture by IFUJI × ARTS&SCIENCE vol.4

*Please note that visitors with appointments will be prioritized. Details on how to make reservations are provided below.

A pre-order event for furniture brand IFUJI will be held at HIN / Arts & Science in Kyoto and OVER THE COUNTER in Tokyo. This is their 4th exhibition at Arts & Science.

This time, we are introducing IFUJI’s new works including the “Folding side table” – a table with a combination of the top and foldable legs that can also be used as a tray, the “Personal chest” – perfect to store small important belongings, and the "Rim box series" made this time in an open structure without a lid. In addition, we will also share a wide variety of items from small to large furniture.

IFUJI’s intentions are for the users to spend quality time at home with a wide range of furniture proposals serving as tools in the home. We welcome you to visit this a special exhibition with IFUJI.

- The majority of the exhibited works are made-to-order products.
- A selection of the items will be in stock and can be purchased on the day, including the standard oval box.
- Please contact the store for details about the stock levels and other inquiries.

Made to Order Furniture by IFUJI × ARTS&SCIENCE vol.4
HIN / Arts & Science, Nijodori Kyoto
2021.8.6 (Fri.) – 8.22 (Sun.)/12:00 – 19:00
*Tuesday is a weekly holiday
2021.8.27 (Fri.) – 9.12 (Sun.)/12:00 – 19:00 *Postponed
*Tuesday is a weekly holiday
Masashi Ifuji crafts simple and functional wood objects that draw on the beloved traditional objects of diverse cultures. His workshop IFUJI in Matsumoto, Nagano, is known for its masterful renditions of classics, including the shaker box and the traditional Japanese cupboard. In addition to the workshop, he operates Laboratorio, a cafe, shop, and gallery devoted to clothing, food, and housewares.
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  • ※ Please note items may not be available due to limited quantities.