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A&S Gift — “Valentine’s Day”

At A&S DAIKANYAMA, we continue to propose seasonal baked goods for gift-giving occasions. This time we have selected a variety of choices especially for Valentine's Day.

Confectionery from AMIE is selected with quality ingredients, prioritizing organic choices and blending several different types of powder and sugar according to each type of pastry. AMIE’s pastries are designed to be enjoyed by a wide demographic of people from small children to vegan customers. The baking is done one by one by hand therefore only available in limited quantities. This time, four types of baked goods including an assortment box was specially made for Arts & Science.

<Assorted Baked Confectionary>
¥5,724(Available from:2/10)
A gift box containing 6 types of baked goods including financiers and oatmeal cookies. Selected ingredients are characterized by their gentle sweetness and simple taste.
Fruit pound cake / raw honey financiers / mocha salt financiers / chocolate oatmeal cookies / cacao balls / maple biscuits

<Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies>
¥1,620(Available from:2/4)
A simple cookie with a crunchy texture. Rich in organic chocolate and almonds mixed in the cinnamon-blend dough.

<Cacao Balls>
¥1,620(Available from:2/4)
Cookies in a ball shape, with a soft texture and rich cacao flavor. Made with quality Vietnamese cocoa powder. A plant-based cookies for vegans.

<Cacao Cookies>
¥2,970 each(Available from:2/10)
Elaborate cacao sandwich cookie using Vietnamese cacao powder. The jam and spread are sandwiched on a bitter-sweet textured cookie dough. The flavor of cacao can be tasted in different forms. A plant-based vegan option is also available that does not use butter.

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