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Kazumi Tsuji + factory zoomer “Sunny & Cloudy”

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Exhibiton “Sunny & Cloudy” by glass artist Kazumi Tsuji will be held at OVER THE COUNTER from January 21 (Fri) to January 30 (Sun). We introduce various styles of works from “ms.garden,” newly presented at her shop factory zoomer last year. Other series will also be available. We welcome you to come and see a full lineup of Tsuji’s expertise.

“ms. garden” was born from the artist's desire to create items which lift your heart and mood, while we go through the difficulties of the pandemic. She wanted to portray the closer organic relationship we have to nature now, spending more time at home. This series of glassware depicts plants and butterflies with cuts and enamel on the glass surface with a new milky white glass.
We wish you to please come and visit our first exhibition held in 2022. We look forward to seeing you there.

Sunny & Cloudy
“‘Life has its sunshine and its rain, its days and its nights its peaks and its valleys.’ - This are words from a Snoopy comic strip that I loved to ready in bed when I was little. The saying means, if you are alive, there will be the fun days and hard days. I mean, I've been told this kind of thing many times, and I know it, but in the pandemic I've kind of come back to this very common saying.
A sudden shift was how the pandemic affected me. I was always looking toward the outer world. At the beginning for a while, I was at a lost in it all, but in the second year I found various discoveries and enjoyments in my days of walking around my home, the workshop, and the fields and paths around my neighborhood. I realized that weeds will grow quickly when left alone, hydrangeas grow taller and taller day to day, and white butterflies that dance amongst the cabbage fields show me a familiar scene every same time of the year. These two years have completely reestablished how human society and I believe has created some change in some good ways. I wrote on the glass the very personal feelings I found and felt in my daily life, through the weather, the plants in the garden and the animals I meet. It was an unfamiliar form of my own production, and will be kept as good record for myself and the life we are living right now. If I know many people can empathize with my current creations, that is more happiness than I imagine for these results of my new series of works.
It will be sunny, partly cloudy and later on a little rainy today.

— Kazumi Tsuji

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Kazumi Tsuji + factory zoomer “Sunny & Cloudy”
January 21st (Fri.) 2022 – January 30th (Sun.) 2022 / 12:00 ~ 19:00
*Tuesday is a weekly holiday
Early shop closure on Jan.20th (Thurs.) / 17:00 *due to event preparation
Kazumi Tsuji was born in Ishikawa in 1964. After studying at California College of the Arts, she joined the Utatsuyama craft studio in Kanazawa as a glass artisan. Tsuji established her own glass studio, factory zoomer, in 1999 with a focus on glass containers. In 2005 factory zoomer/shop opened, and in 2010, she was appointed chief director for a craft project institution in Kanazawa. We have introduced her works at Arts & Science from 2012.
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