Aug 24, 20Food
DOWN THE STAIRS | “Bento” (take-out) Service

From Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 DOWN THE STAIRS will begin a “bento” (take-out) service. Simple and conscious of a healthy lifestyle, our menus are always selected so you can taste the ingredients of the season. Every Tuesday through Friday our bentos will be available from our store window. We also accept reservations.

All menus are different every day as the bentos are also made for all of our ARTS&SCIENCE staff. The main dish consists of fish or meat, accompanied by three types of side dishes, mainly vegetables. We strive to use ingredients as natural as possible such as seasonal vegetables, fish that is wild-caught, meat that is made without medicine, and carefully curated seasonings. Similar to the idea of how our clothes come into contact with the skin, we want people to eat our foods that are easy on the body, safe, and delicious. We present to you a bento born from the ideology of ARTS&SCIENCE.

¥1,500(without tax)/ Every Tuesday ~ Friday

*From 12:00 – 14:00, our reception (window of DTS) will be open. For earlier take-out requests, please contact our store.
*Our main dish consists of the following: Tuesdays and Thursdays – fish, Fridays – meat, and Wednesdays – curry (+ once a month a vegetarian menu)
*Please see our monthly menu schedule here.
*We have restrictions on the number of bentos available per day.
*We accept 15 bentos maximum for reservations made a least one week in advance.*Credit card minimum is 10,000 JPY.
*At this time, only our bentos are for sale. Other DTS foods/snacks/culinary items are not for sale.