Mar 1, 19Event
Crocodile Leather “Semi-Custom Order”

“SHOES and THINGS” in Tokyo and “CORNER” in Kyoto will host a pattern-order event featuring items using crocodile leathers. Including new shapes, we bring you a selection of pieces which can be enjoyed throughout your “daily life”.

At A&S, we work with a Japanese traditional tanner who specializes in reptile leathers. Each leather is created by the tanner with more than 50 processes including tanning, dyeing and finishing which takes about 3 months. For the finishing process, a globally rare process is used to create leathers with softer textures. Being richly oiled to the core, each leather has an allure which deepens with continued use which is characteristic to A&S. Due to the uniqueness of the material itself, there are only about 20 companies worldwide who can handle them. Please come and experience the texture of crocodile leather carefully tanned by skilled artisans over time.

*Leathers used to make these items are imported in accordance to the Washington Convention. Not limited to leathers, all other parts will be put to use.
*Ordered items will take about 6 months until they are ready.

Crocodile Leather “Semi-Custom Order”
2019.3.8(Fri.) — 17(Sun.) / 12:00 – 20:00
2019.3.21(Thu.) — 31(Sun.) / 11:00 – 19:00
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