Aug 1, 18Event
LITMUS Exhibition

AT THE CORNER and HIN / Arts & Science, Nijodori Kyoto will simultaneously host an exhibition with the aizome studio, <LITMUS>.

LITMUS has always stayed true to the Japanese traditional dyeing technique of aizome (ai indigo dyeing) by using ai solution created from fermented natural materials. With the help of nature’s force and human hands, each “indigo blue” is never the same which makes it more unique together with the characteristics of those who wear them. The exhibition will focus on the light to dark gradation of this “ai indigo blue” to introduce you to the fascinating world of aizome.

Stoles, handkerchiefs, bandanas, pouches and many more aizome items exclusively created and collected for this exhibition will also be available for sale.

BYO order
From August 10th to 12th, you can bring your own A&S items (limited to natural items in white or ecru) to have them dyed at LITMUS. Kazuo Yoshikawa from LITMUS will be present during these 3 days for any consultations.

2018.8.10 (Fri.) – 8.26 (Sun.)
AT THE CORNER: 12:00 — 20:00
HIN / Arts & Science, Nijodori Kyoto: 11:00 — 19:00
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