Apr 7, 18Event
AT THE CORNER | A&S Home Collection

Starting from Friday, April 20th to Sunday, May 6th, AT THE CORNER showcases the complete line up of our HOME COLLECTION.

“We want to create pajamas and towels whose quality we can be sure of.” Since the launch of the brand, A&S has strived to create items varying from one-piece pajamas, home wears and other goods for daily use with this thought in our minds. Each piece is the fruit of trials, errors and improvements. After further pursuing the texture, comfort and usefulness of each piece, we finally launched our Home Collection in 2015. The collection consists of items that will enhance your daily comfort. These are the basic items which sets apart from our seasonal collection and are meant to be enjoyed inside the house.

Garments made from organic cotton, comfortably fitting seamless undergarments, quick absorbing and drying towels with exquisite texture - The event focuses on our complete collection under the theme, “discreet luxury”. AT THE CORNER will be changed into a living space to feature furniture and daily items made by artisans and brands who are familiar to A&S. We will also feature items from FRITZ HANSEN and rugs from LIGHT YEARS for the first time at A&S. We look forward to your visit.

Fritz Hansen, Kazumi Tsuji, Masashi Ifuji, Faye Toogood, Peter Ivy, ikken, LIGHT YEARS, APOLOGIA (antique goods) etc... *listed in arbitrary order

The complete line up of our HOME COLLECTION can be viewed from here.

A&S Home Collection
2018.4.20 (FRI.)- 5.6 (SUN.) / 12:00 – 20:00
  • ※ Please contact our stores or send us a message via “contact form” for any inquiries.
  • ※ Please note that some pieces may not be available due to its limited production.