May 24, 19Event
AT THE CORNER “Home Collection”

Following last year’s unveiling of A&S Home Collection, the full line-up is back again at our venue, AT THE CORNER for a limited pop-up event. Everyday items such as new home wears and towels will be presented in a house-like atmosphere adorned by vintage and craft furniture. By focusing on everyday items, we believe that we can make our lives richer. Please come and see our collection which pursues our vision of an ideal house.

Home Collection
2019.6.7 (Fri.) — 20 (Thu.) / 13:00 — 20:00
Closed on Mondays
  • ※ Please contact our stores or send us a message via “contact form” for any inquiries.
  • ※ Please note that some pieces may not be available due to its limited production.