Mar 9, 20Event
Tomoya Arai Exhibition

OVER THE COUNTER is hosting an exhibition featuring the woodcraft artist, Tomoya Arai.

Hand carved lacquered chestnut black bowl with plateau and lye dyed hatchet carved plain chestnut wood bowl featuring bold blade marks and hollows: together with these two contrasting bowls, fukiurushi (wiped lacquer) works such as spoons and cups will be showcased at the exhibition. “It made me change the way how I create and I was able to enjoy every process of the creation.” Arai’s words convey his strong will towards expression. Please come and see his various works with multifaceted charms.

Tomoya Arai Exhibition
2020.3/20 (Fri.) — 3/26 (Thu.) / 12:00 — 20:00
*The artist will be present at the store on 20th March.
Tomoya Arai creates essential tools for daily life. Some of his pieces have a soft appearance, which he achieves through his distinctive hand-sculpting technique, while his white wood pieces have a rough appearance achieved through purposeful sword cuts that are left visible on the surface. He was born in Osaka in 1983 and moved to Tokyo at the age of 19. He started carving wood at age 23 and the following year, he held his first one-man exhibition at Saruyama in Motoazabu. Arai later moved to Kochi, where he concentrates on his artistic activities (and harvests his own crops) surrounded by the natural beauty of Shimanto.
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  • ※ Please note that some pieces may not be available due to its limited production.