Jun 23, 17Information
dosa | Beni Pink

dosa is a company built on the use of traditional crafts and handwork found through the travels of Christina Kim. Please join us for “Beni Pink”, her exploration of vibrant pinks and the tradition of benibana dyeing at AT THE CORNER. This event will feature shawls and items from dosa’s standard issue line dyed benibana pink at a workshop led by master craftsman and third generation dyer, Dr. Kazuki Yamazaki. Also on display will be “We Kiss”, a public art project by artist Kathy Klein, who collaborated with dosa to produce shawls based on her work. dosa’s installation shares the tradition of benibana dyeing as well as Christina’s designs. We look forward to seeing you.

Dr. Kazuki Yamazaki is a master craftsman and third generation natural dyer. In 1985 he started the Kusaki-Kobo Dye Studio, a natural dye studio and research space in Kawasaki. After completing a master’s degree in agriculture in 1982, he began research in natural dyes under the guidance of his father, Seiju Yamazaki. In 2002, he went on to receive his PhD in engineering research, writing his thesis on the colors and aesthetics of natural dyes and naturally dyed textiles. The Yamazaki family is known in Japan for their important cultural knowledge and their work preserving and sharing traditional methods of dyeing textiles. Dr. Yamazaki continues to share his knowledge and research by leading workshops, presenting papers, publishing books, and exhibiting his work, with not only Japan, but all over the world.

Kathy Klein is an artist based in Arizona (USA). She obtained a bachelors in fine arts and master of education degree at Arizona State University. Her body of work includes ‘danmala’, a meditative art process where Kathy lays gathered flowers in geometric shapes that look like mandalas; and ‘we kiss’ a public art project wherein participants are invited to put on lipstick and kiss paper leaving patterned imprints of their lips. She also collaborates with dosa from time to time.
danmala  We kiss
2017.7.8 (Sat) – 2017.7.23 (Sun) / 12:00 – 20:00